Basic User Resources

Basic Users can participate in Touchplan meetings and work with other users to collaboratively build plan. They are responsible for creating and updating the tickets in their specific role. To learn more about the responsibilities of a Basic User, click on the resources below:

Basic User Intro Video

Watch a 5-minute video that briefly reviews the main responsibilities of Basic Users in a project.

Basic User Webinar

A 30-minute live onboarding webinar on Tuesdays that goes over the responsibilities of Basic Users in Touchplan, creating and updating tickets.

Help Center

Browse through the Help Center to discover different how-to articles and videos on all of the features in Touchplan. Learn about the Basic User Insights Dashboard, Image Attach and more. 

Touchplan Academy

Dive deeper into Touchplan by taking the 6 Touchplan Academy courses on a variety of topics such as pull planning, daily huddles and more.

Downloadable Resources

Don’t forget any steps in the planning process or weekly meetings by using Touchplan’s Checklists and One Pagers: