What is Touchplan?

Touchplan is a digital collaborative planning tool that makes project outcomes more predictable. With Touchplan, project teams can plan and schedule effectively together in one place. By using Touchplan, teams are increasing predictability and certainty, allowing them to reach milestones on time or ahead of schedule.

Are you an Admin or Basic User?

Admin Users include the GC project team, a design lead etc. and facilitate weekly meetings in Touchplan. They can:

  • Create Tickets
  • Edit and Update Tickets
  • Edit Project Settings
  • Run Reports

Basic users include trade partners, design disciplines, etc. who Admins invite to the project so they can participate in collaborative planning sessions. They can:

  • Create Tickets in a Specific Role
  • Edit and Update Tickets in a Specific Role
  • Run Reports

Unsure what type of user you are? To find out if you are an Admin or Basic User, go to the Project Dashboard and click on the three dotted button at the top of the Phase Plan list. Then select Members to view the members list for the Project. If your name has Admin underneath it, you have been given Admin access to the project. If there is no Admin label under your name, then you are a Basic User.