Admin User Resources

Admin Users have access to a wide range of resources and tools in Touchplan. Admins can create, edit, and move tickets in any role throughout the project as well as set up projects and build-out plans. To learn more about Admin Users responsibilities in Touchplan, check out our resources below:

A short 7-minute video that reviews the main responsibilities of Admin users in a project.

Intro Video

A step-by-step guide that allows users to set up their projects and begin planning on their own.

User Guide

Quickly search through how-to articles and FAQs for more information on all of the features in Touchplan.

Help Center

Understand the responsibilities of Admin Users in Touchplan with the Admin User Onboarding Webinar.

Admin User Onboarding Webinar

Take courses to learn more about Touchplan and get certified in specific topics.


Downloadable Resources